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In his sight is dedicated to giving back to the kingdom


We count on your generous giving to fund our services and outreach here locally as well as our partner missions abroad.  We focus is on serving the "under" served and reaching as many as possible.  We want to provide funds and volunteers to help our missions partners be as successful as possible.  At the same time we have future plans to create fun and uplifting events including, but not limited to, fishing tournaments, clay shoots, and 3D archery tournaments.  The Goal for these events is to provide a safe and fun environment to get to do something that we all love.  We also have plans to start several youth programs such as outdoor learning, conservation, and after school archery.  Again, and always, thank you for your help.

Remember...all donations are tax deductible.   



Where do your RESOURCES g0??

Our goal is to provide local services and outreach focused on reaching our community and to send funds and volunteers to aid our global missions partners.  Below you will find information describing where these missions are located and exactly what they have set out to do:

India -Second Chance Network-

Water Wells:  Clean water is a primary necessity for life.  Most villages have inadequate water wells to service the people.  Wells installed by the government are shallow in depth, and the water is not pure.  As a result the people constantly battle afflictions with parasitic diseases...