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WATER WELLS - Clean water is a primary necessity for life.  Most villages have inadequate water wells to service the people.  Wells installed by the government are shallow in depth, and the water is not pure.  As a result the people constantly battle afflictions with parasitic diseases.  Hindu village leaders control most of the villages water wells.  The Hindu's often refuse to allow the Christian families to share the use of the water wells.

The solution is for each local village church to install its own deep water well.  These wells are 300 feet deep, and the water source is pure and free from parasites.  These pure water wells dynamically change the health and life-span expectancies of the people.  Once a well is installed our churches freely share the clean water with other people in the village.

Each well costs only $1000.  By investing in the construction of just one water well, you not only help spare an entire village from parasitic diseases but you add years to the life expectancies of the people. 

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ORPHANAGES - These little ones are helpless without your care.  The alternative is bleak.  In many cities statistics prove that orphaned children on the streets are taken and exlaved in less than one day.  They may be sold into the sex industry, or made to work as slaves, used to beg for money for their masters, used to carry and distribute drugs, or murdered,  For just $50 per month we can house and completely care for an orphaned child.  The children will be loved, taught, housed, schooled, and fed.  With just a little financial help, these children are removed from the streets and completely cared for.


brazil -Ken & Isabel cooper-

The Coopers have begun the first permanent Bible school in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  They also planted a church in the city of Mairinque, Sao Paulo.  They are currently building an orphanage and a convention center in the city of Mairinque.  They have traveled extensively throughout the country of Brazil doing children's crusades and ministering to young people.  The Coopers have a great burden for the children of Brazil and that's why we have a great burden to help the Coopers reach as many as possible.